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It’s all on the line at match point.
Can you come up with the goods?

Hi, Tim Hensley here.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you are capable of playing better but every time you get near an important point, you get nervous and lose focus.  It’s frustrating to explain being up 10-0 and losing serve. If only you could figure out how to close out those points.
  • Your shots flow effortlessly and confidently in practice but they become unreliable in a match and everything feels out of sync. As a result, the weight of each point becomes heavier and heavier as you scramble to find a solution.

  • You love the thrill of competition but somehow you become your own worst enemy in the heat of battle. You consistently find ways to beat yourself  especially during important moments of the match.

  • The sting of losing a tight winnable match you know who should have won lingers for days, maybe weeks. It always seems to come down to one or two important points… if only you could win those.

Is that you?  Then you’re in the right place.

Big Point Pickleball Player Training is all about helping you play your best pickleball while under pressure.

Introducing the First Modular Approach to Playing Your Best
When It Matters Most.

Discover how to execute at your optimum best and start winning more specially during important moments in our 5 week fully-immersive online course.  Registration is now open for our next class.

Our Method:

Winning in the moment is the key to your on-court potential. You can’t see or touch it, yet it’s the difference that separates winners from runner-ups. It’s about the collective outcome of small actions, behaviors, and choices you make before a point that can have the BIGGEST impact during it. The good news – your moment is a lot closer than you think.

We are anchored to understanding, duplicating and accelerating your ability to play your best pickelball in pressure packed moments. Unlocking new insights in mental and emotional performance to empower players and coaches.

Tired of consistently letting a winnable, tight match slip away?

Learn how to play your best pickelball and execute with more concentration, composure, and confidence especially in pressure packed moments.

Training & Courses

We developed the first modular approach to maximize your ability to perform in the most important moments of the match. Our flagship course, "Pickelball Player Blueprint", is an interactive online experience designed to sharpen your mental and emotional state by focusing on 4 essential areas.

Actionable Training Camps

The Army Tennis Centre in England plays home to Gladiator Tennis & Training. But our live training extends internationally. For players and coaches, we organize two or three day training camps on how to adopt and build a "Winning in the moment" mindset including the framework, tactics and drills to boost your mental and emotional performance while under pressure. To find out details on our next training camp click here. Or contact us to host a training camp near you.

Private Coaching

Our experts share their wisdom and are available to address your specific needs and provide a personalized action plan to help you become a big point pickelball player and reach your full on-court potential.

Advisory Board Experts

Tim Hensley

Tim Hensley, Arizona, was a teaching and playing tennis professional. Tim started playing pickleball in 2015, is a certified Pickleball instructor through IPTPA and a member of the Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF). He has a passion of helping others learn how to have more joy and fun with more W's.

Mark Jeffery

Mark Jeffery, of London, England, is a 12yr. British HM Forces veteran. He is a former Army Champion and currently is the High Performance Coach to Army Tennis. Mark is also the founder of Gladiator Tennis & Training. He mentors players and coaches on how to perform their best under high pressure.


In the heat of battle, your best weapons will always be your head and your heart. Conventional wisdom say it takes decades of coaching and practice to sharpen them. But it turns out there's a shortcut. No matter what your age is or current ability, you can apply our principles to immediately win more matches especially in high pressure moments. All you need is a hunger to win. It’s a new way of mental conditioning thinking that pulls from outside disciplines, data, and practical innovation to achieve the ultimate goal - playing your best when it matters most.

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Are you ready to be a big point pickleball playmaker?


Fortitude. Focus. And glory. Big Point Pickelball Players are unbreakable. They embrace challenge. And rise under pressure.

Big Point Pickelball & Training is more than just sport. And it’s more than just training . It’s a community, a philosophy, and a system - with content, interviews, and commentary on the art and science of winning under pressure.

Big Point Pickelball & Training is innovating the inner game of pickelball on a global scale. Unlocking new insights in peak mental performance. It’s unabashedly anchored to understanding and duplicating how to perform your best when it matters most. Big Point Pickelball Player Blueprint, launches in 2017.

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